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We can be reached by owl, email, or telephone depending on your specific needs. Whether you have ordered our magic wands, Harry Potter merchandise for your Harry Potter costume or you simply have general comments or questions, please dispatch an owl by email to our address below.

Also, check out our FAQ’s page for a possible answer to your question before sending your request. We get a great number of emails every day and unfortunately we are unable to personally answer all of them. For this reason…many of our most common questions are answered in the FAQ section…including: Do the magic wands really work?….Does Alivan’s take money orders as payment for a magic wand?….Does Alivan’s ship magic wands to International destinations and what does it cost?….Do you know of a good place to buy a spell book? If your question is not answered there please drop us an owl and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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