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  • Finneas Choice Wand

    Finneas Choice Wand

    Ahh…that we not be cast aside for some small blemish upon us.

    Returned by popular demand!

    It is in this spirit that we bring you the Finneas Choice collection of magic wands…go ahead and let the wand choose the wizard (or let our wizard choose your wand).

    Please note: By adding to your cart and purchasing a Finneas Choice wand you understand that your wand will be randomly chosen from our currently available Finneas Choice wands…your wand may look like any of the wands photographed above. Only one wand will be chosen unless you purchase a multiple of wands.  All of the wands we will select from are handcrafted from exceptional hardwoods and either have minor imperfections (marks of character)…or are one of a kind designs which were never entered into one of our current collections.

    Because our normal quality standards are so high the imperfections in these wands are truly minor…you will not be disappointed. Wood types may include any wood varieties currently in the Alivans line.

    What is included with your wand? Your Alivans wand comes wrapped in a sheet of monogrammed Alivans  tissue and is completed with a  Certificate of Authenticity. These wands do not come with the box or satchel.

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